Do Rats Sleep In The Day?

Rats are animals that are among the most common that people are likely to encounter in areas across the world, but there is surprisingly little that people actually know about the habits of these little creatures. The one thing that almost everyone will agree upon is that if they spot rats active at any time of day, then it is not a good sign, and that it will be time to carry out some animal removal work. There are certainly times of the day when rats can be more active than others, but there are also other factors that can have an influence, and not all rats will be active at the same time.

The Most Active Periods Of Rats

Rats are generally animals that are diurnal, which means that they are most active in the half an hour after sundown and in the thirty minutes before sunrise in the morning, which does mean that they are generally asleep for much of the day. Rats will generally prefer to be more active in the night, where the dark will help to keep them hidden from potential predators and threats. However, there are other reasons that can have an impact on when a rat will be active, which can range from the weather conditions to the ability to find food in a particular area.

What Will Influence A Rat’s Activity

While rats in rural areas tend to be diurnal as there are a limited number of factors that can change this behavior, it is in the urban areas where the rats are more likely to become active at other times too. The presence of food sources, if they are only available during the day, such as when bags of garbage are put out, or after lunch when a restaurant puts its waste food in a dumpster, can have an impact on the rats being active. Illness or female rats that are pregnant or have baby rats can also influence when a rat will be active, and can make it more likely that those particular animals may be active during the day.

Is Seeing A Rat During The Day A Bad Sign?

In some cases people who spot a rat during the day will have disturbed a rat in one of its nesting spots where it was sleeping, but there are other reasons that can lead to a rat being spotted during the day. In some areas where there are fairly large rat populations, some of the weaker rats may be forced into scavenging during the day, as the stronger rats will dominate the available food sources in the preferred times of activity. This could mean that if you spot a rat during the day, especially if it is in a location where there are food sources or limited nesting spots nearby, then there is a possibility that you have a significant rat problem to deal with.

Dealing With A Rat Infestation

Whether you spot a rat during the day or at night, it is important to carry out action promptly in order to try and deal with the problem, as rat populations can grow quickly, and they are also a significant health risk. The first step is to lay down a series of rat traps to try and catch the animals, and these can be baited with peanut butter, marshmallows or other foods that rats like, and should be placed in areas where there are signs of rat activity. You should also look to remove any potential sources the rats can access, placing animal feed into sturdy sealed containers, and making sure that garbage bags are not left loose in sheds or outbuildings.

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